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Attendance facial recognition control

VISUAL incorporates the last biometric technologies for attendance control and labourers automatic register. No contact technology for a safe register.

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biometria control asistencia reconocimiento facial web

What is biometry?

When we talk about biometry we refer to the scientific technology able to identify individuals according to its biologic features, which allows a complete identification thanks to our unique features.

We boost the facial recognition biometry instead of the tactile not only because of the global pandemic but also thinking in the future: it is a technology that is going to establish in our lives. The biometry through facial recognition is a more advanced technology in terms of user experience and security level. Furthermore, we believe when you try a new technology and you have a better user experience you will keep it.

Beyond the contactless factor, the facial recognition biometry is implemented because it is necessary to avoid the identity duplicity and to do an effective and agile register of the workers in the field. For instance, is used to the teleworking or to have access to the management systems of the company.

The facial recognition systems offer much more possibilities than the tactile, like the schedule control systems, identity verification and the signature of purchases and contracts.

The facial recognition minimize the infection risk because it is not needed to touch a screen and also it is the safest technology to avoid imitators.

Automatic workers identification

Biometry comes to the user to make its life simple and safer.

Only by taking a selfie, it pulls the main features converting them to a pattern that sends to VISUAL.

In this manner, the first time that the process is done, it is created a biometric register to compare them in the future and the possibility of beign able to identify the person of the selfie.

Find a trustworthy and automatic data screenshot.

biometria control asistencia reconocimiento facial
biometria control asistencia reconocimiento facial

Biometry with VISUAL: use cases


In the beginning or in the end of a work journey the different work teams are registered through the our agriculture app:

  • Selfie screenshot for each team member.
  • Geolocalisation of each one of the selfies
  • Register of completed works for each time: time taken, activities and land plot of the work.
  • Possibility to add machinery and supplies.


Always is need to choose a person in VISUAL APP to be possible to do it through selfie

  • Obtain information of a person
  • Consult plots of a person
  • Send treatments to a person

Use biometrics with facial recognition in your day to day

Greater simplicity and security with just one selfie.

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