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Agricultural management software for sustainable crops

Our planet demands us to produce in a more efficient and sustainable way. A agricultural management software will help you to achieve it. Find the Visual Solutions.

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What does VISUAL Farm Management Software for you?

Visual is the agriculture software that allows you to have under control each phase of the production process: since the field preparation to the harvest. It reunites all the key information to improve the management of the crops and also it helps the register the land operations with the possibility of have all in only one platform.

Our platform gives solution to one of the main problems of agriculture companies managers and technicians which are: the data register, tracking, analysis and presentation of crop reports. If they have been registering the information in sheets or calculation sheets they take the risk of using an outdated approach in the data gathering.

Through only one platform, VISUAL unifies the core of the modern digital agriculture.

VISUAL Platform features.


  • VISUAL allows to gather and to save the data easy to satisfy the specific enterprise needs.
  • Constant updates to the phytosanitary normative requirements.
  • Customization to satisfy the specific customer needs
  • API connectivity to systems CRM, ERP and BI
  • Available advanced services
  • No work charge for IT departments.
  • Easy adaptation for data registration to users


  • VISUAL works in mobile devices even though that the internet connectivity is not available. The app simplifies the data gathering independently of the field location.
  • Easy to use APP, available on iOs and Android.
  • Ideal for the geographical coordinates data gathering.
  • It gathers precise data in real time
  • Geolocate anywhere in the world.
  • Avoid using inefficient forms.


  • Proved safety protocols developed by software innovators designers.
  • It protects the data integrity and continuity
  • Designed to never lose data
  • Make safe confidential data with confidence
  • Verified data entry source


VISUAL is adapted to you. Solutions to approach the main challenges of the sector.

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visual software agricola app web

Our agriculture software

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Consider us your agriculture personal manager. Our platform works to help you to maintain all the information under control and make better business decision in an effective manner.


Organized data with easy access to consult in every moment.

Well invested time and effort saving this is our main goal.

Simplified agriculture management to improve the productivity.

Diverse places with a same goal, which is to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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VISUAL: committed with sustainability

We are the generation of agriculture’s new era. The one that has to transform the agriculture to be the best option in order to enjoy a healthy diet originated in environmental friendly lands. Furthermore, it is also supported by skilled and committed people.

We strongly believe that technology is crucial to produce significant changes, which is the reason of why we are developing technological solutions for the agricultural industry. The company began in 2014, when was needed the message of the digital transformation to the fields.

We support actively the Sustainable development goals of the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION, because we know the sustainability has to be in the core of all our actions to improve our environment.

Do you want to know more about our commitment with the sustainability? Please write us and tell us about your concerns .

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