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Visual cooperator of Acelera Pyme

The portal Acelera Pyme is meant to help the SME with the goal to soften the COVID 19 impact in its activity

What is VISUAL?

VISUAL is a CLOUD solution for the agro alimentary sector that automates and digitalises all the production processes in the field. Our platform is connected to external services like satellites and climate information to help the decision making and creates automatically the documents that back up the agricultural management with the field notebook included.

VisualNACert’s goals

In VISUAL we want to approach the main challenges of the agro sector: quality, traceability, food safety, profitability and sustainability.

The agriculture is a future industry thanks to the digitalisation. To face a crisis like the one we are suffering now VISUAL helps to maintain to have connected remote equipment and automate some work of the field. Through our VISUAL SOLUTIONS we want to reach the following goals:

  • Reduce the phytosanitary products consume in a 25%
  • Reduce the irrigation water consume in a 10%
  • Reduce the documentation management in a 50%
  • Training in digital agriculture
  • Remote tracking of crops evolution

The Saas to digitalise the agriculture

Do you get to know us through Acelera Pyme? We have special hiring conditions for you. Please contact with us and find all the advantages that we have for you.